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01. Do you serve gluten-free or vegan or dairy free products?

Our donuts do contain small portion of wheat flour, egg & milk powder, so it is not gluten-free, vegan, or dairy free. We do hope to release those option in the future !

02. Do your donut contain nuts?

Our donuts do not use any type of nuts unless it is part of the glaze or flavor of that day. Please check the flavors before you order.

03. What flavors are available?

We offer different flavors. Please check our menu page.

04. Do you deliver donuts?

Our branches have different delivery options. Please check their social media page.

05. Do you have boxed donuts?

We do offer boxes for half a dozen donuts.

06. What is the shelf life of your products?

We recommend not keeping the donuts for more than two days.

07. Do you provide your products for event?

Yes we do.

08. Do you have any plan for franchise store?

Please contact us for franchise inquiries.

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